LinkedIn Lingo Every Virtual Assistant Must Know

As a user of LinkedIn every single day and a virtual assistant managing client’s social media accounts, for several hours a day, I am so used to some “LinkedIn jargons,” which made me realize I might be too close to these terms, and that they may not be completely obvious to everyone else. To explain to everyone what some of the most common terms that I use means, so you can familiarize yourself with them and use them with confidence.

Connection– This refers to a LinkedIn user. There are 3 levels - first, second, and third. To get to know what level a person is, check the level next to a user’s name.

1st Level– Someone you relate to on LinkedIn. You have either sent them a connection request or they have sent one to you.

2nd Level– Someone that is connected to one of your 1st level connections.

3rd Level– Someone that is connected to one of your 2nd level connections.

Content– This refers to articles, posts (photo, video) you share on LinkedIn.

Recruiter– This is a perfect platform to find the perfect candidate for your company’s position. This is a separate platform on LinkedIn which is a secret weapon every recruiter must-have.

Pages – A company’s page. This is where you can share information about your company, along with content and updates to share with followers. Employees can also link your company page to their profile, and people can view everyone that works at the company by viewing the page as well.

Sales Navigator– A separate platform on LinkedIn. A user can connect with new leads, pay to prospect, and save. This is used to boost revenue, reach new customers, or keep up with leads.

Personal Branding – How you show up on LinkedIn. It is about your “profile”. Everything you write and share defines who you are.

Profile Optimization – A completely written profile. This is a term we use often. This means your entire profile is filled out.

Navigating LinkedIn

Take some time to learn your way around LinkedIn. It is a bit intimidating at first especially if you are new to online networking sites even if you are already familiar with social media sites. You will see several options near the top of the homepage when you sign in, which allows you to navigate your profile, job search tool, homepage, etc.

Home - Whenever you sign into LinkedIn, your homepage will appear. You can see recent posts, updates from your connections, and icons. You may post your status updates, access Help Centre, or find trending news.

Profile – Where people can view your skills, experiences, endorsement with a summary and photo. It is your digital resume. It is what other people see.

Notifications - It shows your recent notifications. If someone views your profile, you will see when they viewed it or who viewed it. This icon will show a red dot, which will remain until you review your notifications.

Me icon - You can quickly change your basic settings, more advanced account options, and privacy preferences. Also, you can manage your post history, sign out of your account, and change your preferred language on LinkedIn.

Search - Use the search box to look for anything on LinkedIn. Type in your search term on the box then hit enter on your computer keyboard or click the magnifying glass. Based on your search term, LinkedIn will suggest jobs, people, or groups.

Jobs - To search for jobs posted on LinkedIn, use the Jobs icon. It allows you to filter your search results by experience level, location, etc.

Messaging - This allows you to review all the messages. You can use this to send messages and files to your connections. It is automatically sorted by category, spam, like connection status, and InMail which can be helpful if you receive emails every time.

My Network - To look for people you may know and add them as connections, use My Network. Also, you can use this to find groups to follow, read or accept invitations, and look for trending hashtags. To sync your email contacts, do this in the Add Personal Contact Box.


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