A List of Commonly Used Twitter Terms

This article is for you, if you want to create a Twitter account for yourself or your business but aren't sure of special commonly used Twitter related terms.

Below are a list of Twitter terms and its short definition. It is a quick overview like a Twitterary, a Twitter dictionary. Once you understand what these terms mean, you'll be ready to create your own Twitter account and start tweeting.


@ sign - The @ symbol is a "tag" used to address a particular post seen by that Twitter user only. This is how people send you a message, mention you in tweets or link to your profile.

@Username - This is how you're identified on Twitter. For example, Paul Hafalla is @paulhafalla.


Alerts - Use to inform people during emergencies highlighting content with unique look and with notifications.


BFN - "Bye for now" which is a polite way of saying you're signing off Twitter.

Bio - It is a short description (160 characters) about you which is on your profile.

Block - When you block someone on Twitter, they will not able to follow you, add you to their lists, and notification is disabled.

Bots - Not "trolls" or people but artificial intelligence social networking account.

BR - The short term for "best regards" which is used to sign-off Twitter when in a conversation.

Bug - Internal error on Twitter's site code and functionality. If you see one, message them @TwitterSupport.


Cashtag - It is simply a US dollar sign with company symbol. An example is $TWTR.

Crank Tweets - Misleading tweets used on purpose as a prank phone call.

Connect tab - This is a fast and easy way to connect you to accounts you are interested in.


Deactivation - When you deactivate your Twitter account, it normally goes into a queue in 30 days to permanently delete it. You can still reactive it within that 30 days grace period.

Direct Message - A "DM" is a personal "private" email or message. It can be use in a group or on a private conversations.


EM - Short term for "email me".


Feed - Twitter feed is a list of tweets on your "timeline" from Twitter users you follow.

FF or #FF - "#FollowFriday" started in January 2009 which happens every Friday.

Follow - It is a term when you subscribe to a Twitter account.

Follow count - Found on your profile which is some people you follow and follow you.

Follower - These are Twitter users "people" who follow you. They receive updates about your post on their Twitter stream.


Geolocation or Geotagging - A term for adding a location to your tweet. It tells where you were when you posted that tweet.


Hand - It simply means "have a nice day."

Hacked accounts - Sometimes referred to as "compromised" account.

Hacking - This is unauthorized access to an account via password guessing, session stealing or phishing.

Hashtag - It used to help group topics using a hash mark or pound key "#" before the word. For example; #twittermarketing. It is useful to help identify posts related to news, event, or organize conversations.

Header photo - An image you upload that appears on your profile.

Home - It is a list of tweets you followed displayed on your Twitter timeline or stream.

HT - A "hat tip" means your acknowledging that the user gave you the idea for the content you're tweeting.


ICYMI - "In case you missed it" use for big news or trending topics.

IDK - Simple means "I don't know".

IMO or IMHO - "In my opinion" or "in my humble opinion" used to agree or disagree with a certain topic.

Impersonation - It is pretending to be someone you're not (online impersonation). It is prohibited on Twitter except for parody accounts.


Like - Can be either a verb or a noun. As a verb, when you tap the heart icon to like a tweet. When using as a noun, when you like a tweet it indicates that you appreciate it.

List - A list of topic or interest which is created on your account.


Mention - @ symbol followed by their username is what refers to as mention. For example, Paul Hafalla then it will be @paulhafalla.

Mobile web - Twitter version on a mobile device via mobile.twitter.com like the data-friendly Twitter Lite when you use a tablet or Smartphone.

MT - "Modified tweet" is an edited or rephrased retweet.

Mute - From your notification, you can mute usernames, words, accounts, phrases, or hashtags. Also, you can mute direct message notifications.


Night mode - A dark-colored palette feature on Twitter to optimize the experience. It is available on iOS, Android and Twitter.com.

Notifications - Displays your interactions like retweets, followers, mentions, or likes. If a user requested it, notifications will be sent via iOS, Android, email or SMS.

NTS - "Note to self" is a tweet you want to go back to later.


Parody - Use to spoof or make fun of something. It must be disclosed as parody account to comply with impersonation policy.

Pinned tweets - Only one pin tweet is allowed which is located at the top of your profile page.

Phising - A trick used by hackers to retrieve someone's username and password. Example, a fake sign-up page, get more followers page, or directly messaging or sending an email asking for username and password.

PRT - "Partial retweet" is like a modified tweet which you take out some of the characters to save space.

Profile - It shows the information you shared publicly. Together with your profile, it helps to identify you on Twitter.

Profile photo - An image associated with your account.

Promoted accounts - Accounts suggested by advertisers you might like to follow.

Promoted moments - Moments that are marked as "promoted" by a brand.

Promoted Trends - Clearly marked as "promoted" which appears on top of a trending topic. It promoted by advertises which display context-, time- and event trends.

Promoted Tweets - Tweets promoted by marketing efforts paid by advertisers.

Promoted videos - Videos paid by advertisers promoted on a tweet.

Protected tweets - Tweets only seen by your followers.


Reactivation - A grace period of 30 days to reactivate your account. After 30 days, it is permanently deleted.

Reply - Your response to someone who has tagged you with a @mention.

Retweet - In short RT, is a repeat tweet. It uses to repost another user's tweet on your stream. It is similar to forwarded e-mail.


Short code - 5-digit phone number used to send and receive tweets via text.

SMH - "Shaking my head" is a Twitter body language that accompanies a tweet when someone can't understand or believe the tweet they're sharing.

SMS - Text messaging or Short Message Service (SMS).

Status Updates - AKA "tweets" or posts which are short posts of 140 characters by Twitter users published on their pages.

Spam - Behaviors that violate Twitter Rules.

Suspended - When someone breaks Twitter Terms of Service, an account will be suspended.


TBH or TBQH - Short term for "to be honest" or "to be quite honest".

Text commands - A list of commands that allows access to Twitter features when using Twitter via SMS.

TFTF - "Thanks for the follow" is a polite way to thank someone who followed you.

Timeline - Real-time stream of tweets.

Timestamp - Date and time a tweet was posted.

To Follow - Hit the "follow" button to follower another Twitter user which in effect automatically "subscribe" you to their posts and updates.

Top tweets - Most popular tweets.

TMB - "Tweet me back" means someone wants you to reply with an answer or opinion to their tweet.

Trends or Trending Topics - Popular or "trending" topics listed in real-time.

Trolls - These are "real" people on Twitter sending spam-like off-topic tweets.

Twalking - Sending a tweet while walking via your phone.

Tweet - A verb or a noun. As a verb, it is the act of sending a tweet. If it is a noun, a tweet that contains texts, photos, videos or GIFs.

TweetDeck - A desktop app that is used manage and monitor your Twitter feed.

Tweeple, Twerson, and Twitterverse - People on Twitter known as Twitter users.

Tweeps - Twitter folks who follow each other from one social network to the other.

Tweet - These are posts or updates you shared with your followers on Twitter. This is limited to 140 characters.

Tweet button - A button added on a website that lets people post a tweet with the link to that site.

Tweeting - The act of posting a message on Twitter which is 140 characters or less.

Tweet-Up - An event for Twitter users to network or meetup.

Twitter - Network of information made up of short messages.

Twitter emoji - Specific series of letters preceded by # sign which creates an icon.

Twitosphere - A community of Twitter users.

Twitter Handle - It is simply your username. You'll be asked to create this name when you sign up. When you sign in to your Twitter account, this name is what you will use. This is how Twitter users will know you.

Twitter List - Any user can create a list. It a list of tweets that you like to appear on your homepage.

Twitter Polls - Allows measuring questions posted by other people on Twitter.

Twitter Stream - A list of Twitter user tweets or posts displayed on their page. It is listed in chronological order.

Twitterati - Cewebretities or a list of A-list twitters.


Unfollow - If "unfriend" is for Facebook then "unfollow" is a term on Twitter. When people chose to unfollow you on Twitter, your tweets stop showing on their feed.

URL - Uniform Resource Locator is a web address that points to a page on the internet.


Verification - It is a process to identify legitimate accounts. Once verified, a blue checkmark on a Twitter account appears. It is mostly used by public figures like singers, actors, or actresses.

Via - Use to replace "RT" to let people know where you get the content you're tweeting and give credit to the original tweet.


Who to follow - A list of recommended accounts you might find interesting.

Now that you mastered Twitter commonly used terms, you're ready to hop into the Twitter sphere.

I hope that this list has been helpful to you. What other Twitter terms do you see often? Please let me know, message me anytime.


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