Chat Live on Your Website With a FREE App from

Chat Live on Your Website With a FREE App from

As more and more consumers search online for products and services, live chat is bringing the human element back into the shopping experience.

Yet for small businesses and startups, the cost of adding a fully functioning chat solution and multiple agent seats can be prohibitive. Free plans typically have limited features, limited timelines, or allow limited agents. That’s where shines. The service offers a free full-featured solution that suits businesses of every size and budget.

Copy and paste a code snippet into your website or e-commerce store or share a link. In moments, you’ll be able to assist customers in real time as they browse your pages.

Keep reading to learn why businesses are turning to live chat and how’s free chat widget can help you create outstanding customer experiences.

Why Chat?

Live online chat is now the number one preferred method of communication for website visitors seeking assistance. In fact, the majority of customers would rather chat online than call a company for support according to a U.S. Chat and Email Benchmarking Study by J.D. Power.

Why do customers love online chat? Just like visitors in a traditional store, the visitors to your page don’t want to wait. Live chat enables you to answer their questions and offer support when they need it the most.

With chat, inquiries and help requests can often be resolved in minutes — without waiting in line to talk on the phone and without waiting overnight for an email. When a question is unresolved, follow-up is assigned to team members or departments that can provide the answer.

A customer who receives assistance through the chat is more likely to have a positive experience on your site, buy your products, and return to your website.

What can I do with the live chat app?’s free app allows you to hold conversations in real time, follow up with ticketing and support messages, and streamline work and data management.

Here are just a few of the features you’ll find in this free app:

• Monitor and chat with visitors on your website

• Do you know who’s on your website right now? The dashboard shows you which pages your visitors are viewing in real time. Answer questions about services and make product recommendations while they shop, increasing conversions and sales.

• Send automated “smart” greetings

• Send greetings based on your visitor’s location and page visits with automations called triggers. Offer a special discount to returning visitors. Or offer seasonal discounts based on their location around the globe.

• Follow up with ticketing

• Never leave a message unanswered or a query unresolved. With’s built-in help desk and ticketing feature, you can view the status of each conversation and assign responses and support requests to expert team members for follow-up.

• Save time with Shortcuts

• Shortcuts are “canned” messages that autofill into the chat when your agents type a short title. Agents can then edit the message to personalize each reply, saving time and reducing errors in spelling and grammar.

• Share FAQs and resources in your Knowledge Base

• A Knowledge Base is a help center where visitors can search for answers to frequently asked questions, watch tutorials and access downloads. In, you can build a Knowledge Base for every property you add. It’s included in your free account.

• 24X7-365 support

Have a question or need help setting up your widget?’s agents are always ready to help via live chat.

With higher customer satisfaction ratings, higher customer engagement, and increased conversion and sales, why not add chat to your website today? Learn more and create your free account at


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