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Compelling Attributes and Work Ethics of Filipinos as Virtual Assistants

Employees make up a company. The success of every company depends on their employees. It is important to choose your employees wisely and carefully for they are the key to your company’s success. When looking at the resumes of applicants, do not just look at their academic standing and curriculum vitae. You should always look at their said character, traits, or work ethics. Employees with favorable and impressive character, traits, and work ethics will perform much better at work. They make the atmosphere light, comfortable, and less toxic in the workplace. Filipino Virtual Assistants have the characters, traits, and work ethics that could help your company to prosper.

Here are the compelling attributes and Work Ethics of Filipino Virtual Assistants:

1. Courteous and Polite

Being respectful is one of the best traits of Filipino Virtual Assistants. Their courteousness and politeness will light up your mood. All people want to be respected. They are joyful and they respect individual differences. Filipino Virtual Assistants are professionals, that is why they use formal words when conversing with their bosses to make them feel respected. They also hate discrimination; thus, they have respect for all races. Filipino Virtual Assistants are also sensitive in a good way. They have respect for other people’s feelings. They often consider the feelings of their colleagues. They also value freedom of speech, reason why they are open for criticisms and they have respect for other people’s opinion. They could voice out their personal opinions and suggestions without offending anyone because they speak with respect.

2. Laid Back and Calm

Good thing about Filipino Virtual Assistants is the calmness they manifest in the workplace. Their calmness helps them to work under pressure. They are laid back and they are not stressing themselves when on a rush. They always find a way to motivate themselves to avoid stress. Laid Filipino Virtual Assistants are exactly what you need because they perform better and function properly than virtual assistants who always freak out. This trait makes it possible for them to work efficiently. They seldom overthink and Filipino Virtual Assistants have positive mindset and prudent.

3. Keen and Passionate Workers

Filipino Virtual Assistants are passionate. They work for a good cause. Working us not exhausting and emptying for them because of the burning passion they have deep in their heart for their work. They do and accomplish tasks wholeheartedly – this allows them to have neat work. They are efficient workers because they have the passion. They are not working just for the money. They are working for their families and because they love the profession itself. Having a passionate Virtual Assistant is the best experience you could ever have because he/she will make work easier for you and for the company. So, check if there is a burning passion inside your applicants.

4. Determined and Self-Driven

The determination Filipino Virtual Assistants have allowed them to fulfill their responsibilities as productive virtual assistants and to work really fast. Because of their determination, they make impossible possible when it comes to office works. They are always determined to accomplish the tasks given to them, reason why they do not procrastinate. Determination is the weapon against procrastination and the key to stop procrastinating. Hiring a Filipino Virtual Assistant is a wise thing to do. Their own dreams, thoughts, and enthusiasm are enough to keep them moving and working efficiently. When it comes to work, they do not depend on anyone, unless there is a need to. Filipino Virtual Assistants are self-driven in a good way.

5. Knowledgeable and Fast Learners

Filipino Virtual Assistants have knowledge that they could use in accomplishing their tasks. They always follow instructions and they are willing to learn. They believe in lifelong learning. If they are not familiar to tasks given to them, they will study and they will do their best to learn, so they could complete the tasks. Filipino Virtual Assistants are computer literate and they also have impressive English writing skills. They are good speakers. They could also learn new language if there is a need for that. As multilingual, you could expect them to be fluent in English and good English Speakers as well.

6. Good Hearer

Filipino Virtual Assistants know how to listen to their bosses. Their focus when listening to their instructors while instructing them is also exceptional. This trait enables them to accomplish their jobs rightly. One of their talents is being great listeners – that is how they refrain themselves from making mistakes. Avoiding mistakes saves time and extra effort. It is important to have a virtual assistant who knows how to listen to you as an employer because a virtual assistant who follows orders could help the company to fulfill their visions and turn the exact dreams of the company into reality.

7. Loyal and Dependable

You could entrust any tasks to Filipino Virtual Assistants, big or small. Filipino Virtual Assistant’s loyalty is unbreakable. They are really committed to their work, to their bosses, and to the company where they work. Filipino Virtual Assistants will never let you down. Filipino Virtual Assistants could be trusted because they always complete tasks. Filipino Virtual Assistants will make you feel secure and safe. You do not have to worry about having incomplete tasks if you have Filipino Virtual Assistant.

8. Professional and Mindful

When Filipino Virtual Assistants are at their workplace, their focus are their duties and responsibilities as Virtual Assistants. They act professionally and they know that there is a time for leisure. They refrain themselves from having inappropriate chitchat with their colleagues. Filipino Virtual Assistants know how to communicate appropriately and they only start conversations with other workmates if there is a need. They are mindful for they are aware about the situation of their companies. They know what to do if their companies are in the bad or good state. They are aware if they have made mistakes and they will not take it personal when the employer scolded them for that.

9. They Use Time Wisely

Filipino Virtual Assistants will finish their tasks first before doing insignificant. They will not spend their time scrolling on facebook, twitter, instagram, and on other social media platforms. They would refrain themselves from watching movies, tv series, and etc. if there are more important things to do like accomplishing tasks and looking for tasks to accomplish.

10. Good Communicator

Filipino Virtual Assistants know how to talk about problems in a nice way. It is easy for them to resolve misunderstandings and problems because they are good communicators. They approach problems calmly by communicating with affected people. They often respond respectfully and their chosen words are appropriate.


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