Dealing with Time and Managing It Well

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What is time management?

Why is it so important?

Ways on How to Manage Your Time

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Life’s most valuable commodity is time. Why? For example, your expiration clock began ticking, from the moment you were conceived. Every day is one day closer to your last (death, let’s be realistic). If time was a deposit account in your bank let’s say 100 years. That’s 876,000 hours or 52 million minutes which may seem a lot of time. Each second start to depreciate eventually you’ll run out time. That’s why you should use time very well, both at home and work using effective time management skills.

What is time management?

At work, it refers to the effective and productive use of time. It is the process of how you organize and plan your time between activities.

Why is it so important?

When you manage your time properly, you’ll be more efficient and productive which in return develops a better professional reputation. It also minimizes or lessens your stress levels at work. When you are productive and efficient at work, an opportunity for advancement is possible. The client might give you more hours of work which eventually increases your profit.

When you fail to manage and organize your time effectively, it can have undesirable consequences. Your stress levels will rise which will affect your memory, concentration, and overall health. As a result, you will miss deadlines. This will affect the quality of your work. Because of this, the client will think you are unprofessional or incompetent. The client might backfire by giving you lesser work or fire you.

Ways on How to Manage Your Time

I come to the end of a day still having a million things on my task list. What I do when I run out of time but still have a lot of tasks to do? I keep working till it’s done. Sometimes I break for dinner then continue work at night to finish the tasks. I even get up early the next day to complete it. This has become my daily routine. I realized this is not a good thing. My overall health and well-being are being affected. My stress levels skyrocketed which resulted in feelings of anxiety, coughs, headaches, and fever. So, I decided to manage my time better using these tips.

• Schedule your tasks according to its importance

It’s important to prioritize when you’ve got so many jobs to do. Create a list of things you need to do, then arrange them accordingly, from the most to the least significant. You’ll know what to begin with and make your workflow more focused. It helps ease stress as well.

• Choose a place to work

In order to produce a good outcome for your productivity, you need to have a proper work area. It will make the management of tasks better. This can be a simple desk or a corner at your home where you do nothing but work. It will inspire you to work harder and better.

• Set a time in every task

To monitor your progress, set a time for each task. Why? You’ll be able to know how far or behind you are in your work. You will need to allot minutes or hours for each task then check if you accomplished those tasks according to the scheduled time. The results will be either ahead or behind your schedule. This way, you’ll either take your time to perfect your work or step up your game.

• Stick to your schedule

Abide with your schedule once you created it. Creating a schedule is easy, but it’s useless unless you follow it. You must stay faithful to your schedule when you make it. Try to stick to it as best you can.

• Take Breaks

To maintain good health, taking breaks in between tasks is important. You’ll feel horrible eventually the quality and productivity of your work suffers if you overwork yourself. Every couple of hours, schedule 15 to 30-minute breaks. Take a nap, a short walk or eat a snack.

• Create a Work Journal

To manage your time wisely and resolve issues you had difficulties dealing with, writing down things that worked and things that went wrong is important. It will help you evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.

Make it a habit to have good time management skills, if you want to be a successful virtual assistant. In the long run, effective time management will have a positive impact, but lack of it will result in a negative outcome. You should not take this for granted. It is closely connected to being healthy, efficient and productive.

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