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Email Marketing: Convenient with Promising Salary

Online Job 101: Things to know about Email Marketing

Email Marketing Jobs are convenient with promising salary but what do we mean by email marketing?

Email Marketing is endorsing products, promoting services, and even acknowledging customers’ loyalty by giving them incentives by emailing. Email Marketing is an easy and effective way to inform millions of potential customers online about the company’s new products and promos. Email Marketing Specialists are making email marketing possible.

Get to know Email Marketing Specialists. Who are the Email Marketing Specialists?

Email Marketing Specialists are part of the big family of a Digital Marketing team. Email Marketing Specialists work with content marketers, copywriters, designers and more to provide the company an effective digital marketing strategy, but what do Email Marketing Specialists do?

What are Email Marketing Specialists working on?

Email Marketing Specialists are creating email lists, removing unnecessary contacts, writing emails and protecting databases that they could still use in the future. They are mailing thousands or even millions of potential customers in the online world to introduce new business’ products, to make potential customers realize why they need the product, to win customer’s trust towards the brand, and to help the company stand out above all its competitors in the online market. Email Marketing Specialists are also expected to produce convincing advertisements in a form of email. Checking the outcome of their advertisements and observing if they are effective are also their assignments. In addition, they are tasked to make sure the emails have appealing and appropriate lay-outs. Aside from the tasks of Email Marketing Specialists, it is also important to know their importance.

What are the things that make Email Marketing Specialists important?

Email Marketing Specialists increase the sales of the company. The company’s campaigns and advertisements could reach even more viewers and the company could easily get to its target customers because of Email Marketing Specialists.

How much money do Email Marketing Specialists make?

Email Marketing Specialists play great and significant part under digital marketing team; thus, their paychecks are no joke. Based on Glassdoor, Email Marketing Specialists could make as big as $40,000 up to $100,000 annually depending on their experiences and locations. Earnings does not stop at $100,000, their salary could still increase eventually.

Here are the things to remember to be an effective and wise Email Marketing Specialist:

• 1. Make your email list longer but be wise in adding contacts. The longer the email list, the more receivers of advertisements and campaigns. Make sure you are not adding malicious contacts with possible threats. Add a sign up configuration that they could fill up where they could grant you the permission to regularly send emails.

• 2. Do not forget to update. Make sure to always send them the latest updates about your company’s products. Send emails that could trigger their excitement towards the products.

• 3. Be sure to put a catchy pre-header text. A catchy pre-header text will make the receiver view and read your email.

• 4. Practice Personalization. Customers likes reading and opening personalized letters just for them. They will appreciate your efforts even more; thus, it could convince them to patronize your product.

• 5. Know the importance of Automation Software. Automation software could make you send emails real time and fast but surely.

• 6. Counter check. Be sure to check if everything on your email is right, appropriate, and comprehensive.

• 7. Analyze the outcome of your emails. By looking at the outcome of your emails and the response of your customers to your email, you will be able to know if you need to improve something and make an upgrade.

• 8. Read Books. Reading books could help you excel. Some of the books Email Marketing Specialists should read are Email Marketing for Dummies by John Arnold, Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing for Business by Susan Gunelius, Email Persuasion: Captivate and Engage your Audience, Build Authority and Generate More Sales with Email Marketing by Ian Brodie, Email Marketing Demystified: Build a Massive Mailing List, Write Copy that Convert and Generate More Sales (Internet Business Series) by Matthew Paulson and Elisa Doucette, Email Marketing Rules: Checklists, Frameworks, and 150 Best Practices for Business Success (Third Edition) by Chad S. White, Mastering Online Marketing: Create Business Success by Magnus Unemyr, The email Lifeline: How to Increase Your E-mail Marketing Profits by 300% Using a Simple Formula by Anik Singal, The New Email Revolution: Save Time, Make Money and Write Emails People Actually Want to Read! Kindle Edition by Robert W. Bly, and Email Marketing Mastery: The Step-by-Step System for Building an Email List of Raving Fans Who Buy From You and Share Your Message Kindle Edition by Tom Carson-Knowles.

• 9. Know and observe your competitors’ moves. Knowing how your competitors move will give you the idea on how to win customers before they do and it could help you think of more effective tactics than theirs.

• 10. Do not send rude emails and refrain from mailing the same email to every subscribers. Do not send gender-biased and race-biased emails. The email should be suitable to everyone and relatable. Sending the same email to everyone will make your email insignificant for others.


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