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What is an email address?

An email address classifies an electronic mailbox. It is use either to send or receive email messages on the internet. Like a physical mail, it requires a sender and recipient address for an email message to be send successfully.

Parts of an Email Address

An email address has four parts which are username, connector, entity and domain name. Example of an email address is mails@paulhafalla.com. The specific name or username we use is “mails”. It is followed by a connector symbol @. Then followed by an entity “paulhafalla”. And finally preceded by the Top Level Domain (TLD) or simply a domain called “.com”. Commonly used TLDs are .com, .gov, .net, .edu, .and org. What are those? The .com is a commonly used TLD, .gov used by the government agencies, .net used by network providers, .edu used by educational institutions, and .org used by nonprofit organizations.


An email address uses this format username@entity.TLD. For email address names, there are certain characters allowed such as letters, numbers, punctuation marks. Capitalization is optional.

Where and How Do I Get an Email Address?

Get it from your company, school, internet service provider (ISP), or through a web-based email service like iCloud, Outlook.com, Gmail or Yahoo Mail. To get an email address that will not change, create your own personal domain like for example paulhafalla.com then set up your own custom email address like mails@paulhafalla.com.

Disposable Email Address

It is a type of “temporary” email address. You may use this to forward messages from spammers, scammers, pushy salespeople, or anyone you don’t want in your life to contact you

Multiple Email Addresses?

A lot of people use more than one email address. Why? Having multiple email addresses helps you organize and separate your personal, social, professional and business life. In order to avoid spams or unwanted emails from newsletters, promotions or internet marketers, some people use a “disposable email address”. To maintain online identity, some use a different email address for social networking sites or online conversations such as Quora or Yahoo Answers. Some virtual assistants and/or freelancers uses multiple email addresses for each of their clients to help them organize jobs, projects or teams. For marketing purposes, a dedicated marketing email address is necessary. A backup email address for your main email address is useful for password recovery and unauthorized account access.

In short, there is a huge benefit in using more than one email address. Once you set up your email addresses, make sure to create an excel sheet with list of your email addresses, usernames and passwords. You may put it on Google Drive or computer for safekeeping. This is very useful especially if you forgot the password.

How to Create an Email Address?

Creating an email address is very easy. For now, we will use Gmail to setup an account and/or create an email address. I will show you how.

Setting up a Gmail account

First, create a Google account in order to create a Gmail address. Gmail will redirect you to the Google account sign-up page. Basic information is required during this sign-up process such as your name, birth date, gender, and location. A name for your Gmail address will also be requested. Once your Gmail account is created, you’ll be able to adjust your mail settings, add contacts, and a lot more.

How to create an account?

• Go to www.gmail.com. Click Create account. Clicking will help create an account link. Then the sign-up form will appear. Follow the directions by entering the required information.

• Fill up the signup form

• Next, enter your phone number to verify your account. Google uses a two-step verification process for your security. Verify phone number. You will receive a text message from Google with a verification code. Enter the code to complete the account verification.

• Next, you will see a form to enter some of your personal information, like your name and birthday. Enter personal information. Review Google's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, then click I agre

• Your account will be created.

• Just like with any online service, it's important to choose a strong password—in other words, one that is difficult for someone else to guess. I suggest a mixture of small or large cap texts, symbols, and numbers.

Here's a short video tutorial on how to create an email address.

Signing in to your account

• When you first create your account, you will be automatically signed in. Most of the time, however, you'll need to sign in to your account and sign out when you're done with it. Signing out is especially important if you're using a shared computer (for example, at a library or office) because it prevents others from viewing your emails.

• To sign in: Go to www.gmail.com. Type your user name (your email address) and password, then click Next. Signing in.

• To sign out: In the top-right corner of the page, locate the circle that has your first initial (if you've already selected an avatar image, it will show the image instead). To sign out, click the circle and select Sign out.

Mail settings

Occasionally, you may want to make adjustments to Gmail's appearance or behavior. For example, you could create a signature or vacation reply, edit your labels, or change the theme. These adjustments can be made from your mail settings.

To access your mail settings:

Click the gear icon in the top-right corner of the page, then select Settings.

Going to mail settings

From here, you can click any of the categories at the top to edit the desired settings.


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