From Virtual Aspirant to Virtual Assistant: Using the Virtual Assistant Portfolio and a Resume Website to Your Employability Advantage

Once you hear the words develop a website, a plethora of thoughts may suddenly plague you, not to mention the worry of the lack of technical or digital savviness harrowing over you. It may seem to be a difficult feat but after all, so is the struggle of being chosen among the sea of virtual assistants out there.

Truth be told, there are a lot of skilled virtual assistants but are rarely noticed partly because of not being able to market themselves in the midst of a digital world. There probably is no better way to show how digitally competitive and adaptable you are than self-promotion thru virtual portfolio and/or a resume website. It puts you a notch above the rest allowing you to reach more clients, hiring managers, and gain numerous employment opportunities.

It may seem obscure and taxing especially if you are a novice when it comes to creating a website but hey, you have to start from somewhere if you want to thrive in this cutthroat world of digital aptitude. No need to fret though because with the aid of template-based site builders, creating a website is highly attainable and realizable.

A Virtual Assistant Portfolio or Resume Website attains your objective of standing out among several candidates thru:

• Establishing Your Personal Brand

Your unique online brand sets you apart from other aspirants. Those who possess a virtual assistant website give out the impression of being more credible, professional and UNIQUE. Standing out results to thriving rather than surviving. What better way to showcase your individuality, talent and competency than to expresses your brand, your persona thru your own resume website.

After all, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos said it best, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

• Getting Noticed

People are notorious to have a short attention span and are quick to lose interest. It is imperative to create an impact in the first few seconds and hook their sustained attention. Rather than submitting a simple online profile or a type-written resume, a website reaches thousands online. The magic of search allows a hiring manager to look for “freelance virtual assistant”. A registered, active website therefore is likely to be seen in Google accelerating your visibility over your competition.

• Trust and Transparency

Credibility is imperative especially in opportunities such as virtual assistant positions. Your virtual assistant website speaks for itself in proving your familiarity working in a virtual environment. Just like jobseekers and investors likely trusting a corporation with a digital footprint like a website or a social media account, having a website confirms your authenticity, an essential trait in a highly digital world.

Steps in Creating a Virtual Assistant Website


Using a Free, easy-to-use template, drop-and-drag, and modular program is one of the options you need to get you started. These offer powerful tools that establish your virtual assistant service online quickly sans any programming or web design skills.

Site builders are also solutions in creating a Virtual Assistant Website. With over 200 templates to choose including diverse themes and templates designed specifically for freelancers and virtual portfolios. While it may require a few dollars to spare, the return on this minute investment is invaluable leading to lucrative opportunities. The effortless adding of personal details and click of the “publish” button is all that’s needed to start.

Among the great benefits of using Site Builders is the Free Domain Name granting your very own domain name. Whether It be your name, the name of your business, or a descriptive phrase for your services (e.g., “” or “” etc.) you are able to choose your name to your liking.


Just like any other website, content is key for a Virtual Assistant Website. Choosing the depth or number of pages as well as visuals may make or break your site. A preferred rule of thumb is to keep it simple, best at one page each for the following pieces of information:

• A Homepage with text and images

• About you/your Virtual Assistant Services

• Your Resume

• Your Portfolio (if applicable) with links to your work

• Your Rates and/or Salary History

• Testimonials and References

• Your Home Office Setup (including information about your office, equipment and hardware/software, etc.)

• Contact Information including phone, email, social media and – most important!

Should you wish to populate to encourage people to delve in our profile, Harp on Your Strengths, Goals and Passions. A list of your unique virtual office skills and abilities may help as well. Identify your career niche as well so seekers picture out your objectives and deduce your dedication to your craft. Indicate relevant few top fields preferably related to the opportunity you are seeking. Such as if you have experience and are looking for medical office experience, focus your website with industry-related keywords and services.

Keep your website as relatable and comprehensive regardless of your field. Show ambition and promise by illustrating your goals, abilities and purpose. This show of enthusiasm leaves hiring managers excited and eager to learn more about you leading to a keen interest.


• Using A Video Welcome

A video welcome comprising of an introduction as well as description and discussion is a wise and attractive option to acquire interest. Enumerating your skills and experience in this video also tells potential clients what you can do for them. In fact, this has been a tool of trade of many successful virtual assistants.

• Utilizing Photos

Photographs are a practical option if you are unwilling or unready for a video. A professionally captured/decent photo of yourself along with home office photos and a characteristic description may mimic the same effect as with that of an edited/created video. Limit the information you will be divulging/photos you be adding to career related photos. It’s best to keep it career-related so try not to include too much personal information such as hobbies, etc. Although, it is a good idea to mention your interests, goals and basic information about your home office arrangement at times.

• Including PDF File Downloads

Both as a contingency and Standard procedure, your digital resume copy basic search engine optimization may be employed by thinking about keywords that will translate well to the web. This will help hiring mangers find your website when searching for virtual help. You can also offer PDF documents for your rate sheet, cover letter, and references.


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