How Creating a Logo Can Help Improve Your Business Identity

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The first and most important base of your business is branding it with a logo. How important is your logo and why? A logo is the core of your business. It is the foundation of your goals. Without a logo, your product or service won’t be recognized. You’re business will go round in circles. Through your logo, your client or customer should be able to identify you.

In 2014, I started PaulHafallaCom. I was still developing an idea of what I wanted my business to be. I knew I wanted to help busy professionals and start-up businesses by providing them virtual assistant services. However, the details were still a work in progress.

While building my online portfolio and website, I immediately thought of branding my business. This is needed to be established early on as I clearly understand that every successful business has their own brand identity built at the early stage of their business. This can be a logo or text which people can easily identify them. So, while I was continuing on doing the business side of things, creating my online portfolio and website, I started on branding my business by researching and referrencing on examples on the internet. I tried several few designs using online tools and apps. It took me about a week or two to finally decide on the brand I am going to use for my business.

I truly believe that the visual identity of a brand in an image or text form is a valuable asset. This catches the eye of potential clients and costumers. It makes a first impression. When done effectively, it will elevate and differentiate the brand above and beyond its competitors. A good visual identity of a brand usually will provide consistency, clarity, personality, and values. It will create emotional connection for the client and costumer. Also, an authentic (unique) and dependable brand will build trust and loyalty to clients and costumers.

How PaulHafallaCom Found its Brand

My main area of focus that I wanted was the creation of a logo. This is one of the most important step in creating a brand. Referrencing on the web, I found out some questionnaires and information to strategize the logo design I want. To formulate the logo, I hand-picked some of the most important questions to answer such as my business mission, vision, values, goals, strength and weaknesses, and what the identity should it communicate.

That time, I do not have a concrete idea of my business purpose was. So, I struggled to design the logo. Because of this, I hopped on to my computer desk and researched on the web some ideas from other sources like online freelancers and web professionals online portfolio. Through their websites and portfolios, I have created my own and finally answered all the questions needed to build my business brand logo.

One of the major points I emphasized was what differentiate my business to other competitors. That day, I actually couldn’t articulate how. So, how can I break into the market without my own, unique value and proposition? Thinking about my logo allowed me to visualized what makes my business different - I would offer dedicated, high quality, affordable, Philippines-based virtual assistant services.

How to Create a Logo for Your Business

Your logo is a representation of your company’s goals, values, and products or services it offers. It is the visual identity of your business. To create a logo that is suitable for your business, ask yourself these questions:

1. What makes me different? There are so many competitors in the virtual assistant and freelancer industry. So, it is important to emphasize what makes your offerings different and better than your competitors. If you don’t, you’ll end up in a group of common virtual assistants and freelancers.

2. How do I want to be noticed? Have you established who you are? If so, how do you want people to see you? Knowledgeable? Reliable? Trusthworthy? Creative? Flexible? Decide what kind of message you want to send, in order to create a logo design that represents who you are. Your image must be connected to reality. Do not try to pretend to be what you’re not.

3. Who am I? Think about what you have to offer to your clients or costumers, what your products and services are, and who you are as a business entity. Without it, your business can’t move forward.

4. Who is my target audience? Carefully creating a marketing strategy is the key to attract clients and costumers. It is better than simply advertising and promoting your business. You must determine your ideal clients or costumers. A part of your marketing plan is your logo. It must speak to your audience as well.

In the end, I found that my real strength was going to be in providing high quality virtual assistant services with expertise in the field of Integrated Marketing aka online marketing which includes marketing and design skill sets needed for a startup businesses, established companies, and professionals. This is no easy task, but it’s what separates me from the other virtual assistants and freelancers out there.

The extensive process I went through when designing my visual identity ended up being an important aspect in making a thorough understanding of who am I as a business entity and how I want to communicate that. Creating my brand logo, helped me established my business’ niche, which was crucial for a long-term success.


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