How to Keep Your Clients

Grow Your Client Relationships

This will yield many rewards. This demonstrates a VA’s proficiency, integrity and professionalism. A client’s review or experience will form the opinions and voice they make in the online world. The reviews will greatly affect your reputation in the marketplace and beyond.

Time and Effort

Success of any project depends on the quality of the relationships developed between client and virtual assistant. Like a good friendship, a good working relationship, builds a solid connection and understanding between parties. Devoting time and effort understanding the client, their industry, and circumstances involved to attain such a bond.

Keep Ongoing Communication

All relationships need caring. Being taken for granted is the most common reasons for deterioration of a relationship. Feeling insignificant or forgotten is the worst perception a client can have. It is the VA accountability to take care of the client.

Work with Values

VA must act with integrity, proficiency and professionalism always. VA must document everything in detail such as procedures and expectations between the two companies on paper. This will greatly minimize misunderstandings. Scope of project, fees and charges must be then written in an agreement or contract. This will set up and preserve good client relationship. Contract papers have an important function in setting up and preserving a good client relationship.

Start the Foundation

First, take time to know the client, as well as their business practices. Be clear with about how their business will benefit from your services and the ways of achieving it. You must identify the needs of the client and seek solution to meet those needs.

Keep in Contact with a Client

A company needs repeat service from their clients. It is the least expensive form of marketing and this will increase the chance of more accounts being given. Identify clients that are potential for continual work. Execute regular contact with them through email, sending e-newsletters, offering opportunities for social contact (conference, meetup, network meetings, etc).

Never Let a Client Go

A mutual relationship of support and trust between partiers, ideally. Despite the efforts of the VA; however, unexpected circumstances arise due to client’s inappropriate, unfeasible or unrealistic expectations for the VA. To support the efforts made by the VA, refer to the original contract or other documentation. If all efforts spent, the VA may do a written note regarding the situation and client’s possible breach of contract. Cooling off is essential at this point. Time is necessary. Revisit the client after time has done its work. Once a client always a client, and time heals all wounds.

End Well

It means ending well through evaluating client’s satisfaction and proper completion of the project. To assess the health of the relationship, ask for a feedback from the client. A happy client will be a potential promoter and will recommend you to other clients. A happy client will become a beacon of free advertising.

Communicate to work the Relationship

The most effective way of working a client relationship is through regular, simple and broad communication. Updates through email, Skype or phone calls, progress reports are very essential. Failure to communicate weakens the bonds between parties and increases the distant.


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