How to Market Your Virtual Assistant Business

Like any other business, marketing a virtual assistant business is very important. Marketing is a communication tool that your VA business must use to reach out to potential customers or clients and to sell your products and services. Without marketing, a business can never make a profit. Marketing is a process that involves thorough research, a well-strategized promotional material, various techniques in selling, and proper delivery of products or services. So, how do you market a virtual assistant business?

First, you need to build your online presence. An online presence is the state of a business or individual that can be found online on the internet. Any businesses like a virtual assistant business need to have an online presence. Why a VA need this? To be able to reach a larger audience or clients and for them to reach you easily are among the reasons why your VA business needs an online presence.

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Once you have built your online presence, you may start advertising. Advertising is a form of marketing strategy which involves paying for a space to promote a product or services. The by-product of advertising is called advertisements or ads. The main objective or goal of advertising is to reach people to buy your products or services.

There are three forms of advertising. These are traditional, online, and referrals.

Traditional Advertising

Mass media aka traditional advertising are advertisements you see on the television, hear on an AM or FM radio station, you see outdoors along the streets or inside the malls, you see on huge billboards, and some of which of are the ones you always see on magazines, newspaper, and prints. Is traditional advertising still effective? Yes! Depending on your campaign and target audience, if used correctly, traditional advertising will be effective.

Online Advertising

This is a type of marketing strategy using the internet and a computer device like desktop, laptop, mobile phones, iPad and tablets targeting and delivering marketing messages to the right audience and customers. Types of online advertising are social media, display ads (image and texts), remarketing, Pay Per Click, native advertising, email marketing, affiliate marketing, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Examples of which are Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, MailChimp, GetResponse, affiliate links of products from various websites, etc.

Traditional and online advertising requires investment, money. Before jumping into any form of advertising make sure to review them first in detail. Once you’ve done the review and understand it well, choose the right one that fits into your budget.

Why does a virtual assistant need advertising? Just like any other business, a virtual assistant business must use advertising by targeting the right audience and clients to sell VA services.


Another form of advertising is a customer referral. A lot of people say that this is the most powerful marketing and selling tool. Traditional and online advertising are costly. So, for a virtual assistant starting a business with a limited budget, having a satisfied client refer you to their colleagues, friends, and peers is the most effective and cost-efficient way to sell VA services. Through word-of-mouth from your satisfied clients, it easily builds trust and the assumption that you are worthy to be hired. How to get a customer referral? Exceed their expectations! How? Deliver good quality VA services. Another way is to ask a referral. What I’m doing is that I write a referral letter. In the letter, I specify what I need, who are the types of clients I need, and why I a referral. I also incentivize those customers whose referrals are successful, hired me, by giving them discounts on their next order or doing a simple task for free.

In marketing, remember to use the golden rule, “Do not do unto others as you would not have them do unto you.” Would you like to receive a pop-up banner that blocks your computer screen? Are you willing to receive unsolicited emails or spam mails every now and then? Do you want to view annoying repetitive ads? These are among the worst marketing strategies that other online marketers are doing. To avoid these bad tactics of marketing, look to the golden rule, create a good marketing plan and strategy, and lastly practice sustainable ways on how to market your virtual assistant business.


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