How to Work with a Client

I’ve spent many years learning how to deal with various clients, as a virtual assistant. So, I have written some tips to help you.

Manage Expectations

Always promise low and deliver high. Add a little time when offering a deadline to exceed expectations that way. Let your client know in advance if you will miss a deadline. Along with your initial quotation send your agreement with your terms and conditions.


Be precise what you can do, when you can do it and how much is the costs. Communicate up front when working with client. Update the client on the project. Do let them know how it’s going. Tell the client what to expect, fulfil that expectation, and communicate what you have done.

Clients are Human Beings

Always keep in mind that you are dealing with a person despite they are huge faceless entity. They have other concerns like you do on the project you’re both working on.

Meet Deadlines

Always keep your promise to completely deliver the project on any particular date and time you agreed with the client. When you cannot do this, report to the client as soon as possible an update on the project. Sometimes clients do give extension to deadlines. But once the client agreed to extend the deadline ensure that you will deliver it on time. Else, you will have a bad reputation around this issue.


Your client is the expert in what they do, your expert in what you do. Treat your clients as you would expect them to treat you. Always be courteous and be robust as you need to be.


If I’m on a holiday, very busy or unwell, I ensure that I have colleagues who are VAs and can pick up work. If I can’t book a client on my schedule, I have a list of people I can refer them.

Your Availability

Always inform the client about your availability. Let your client know your schedule. If you don’t work on weekends, don’t work on holidays or have booked on holidays, or you stop work at 10pm. During holidays, I emailed regular clients 2 weeks before. Then I remind them again a week before. I always ensure that I set my email auto reply that I am on a holiday on specific dates.

Refer Others

I have a list of colleagues and virtual assistant that I can recommend to any clients, if I’m not a good fit for the particular project. Through this, I can help the client wasting money on incompetent freelancers as well as helping other VAs to get jobs.

Be Flexible in Client’s Working Methods

To be a good virtual assistant for various clients, be always flexible. They all have ways of working and different requirements. Sometimes I do impose my own working method, but if they choose not to then I’ll work with how they want to work.

Politely say, “Thank you.”

Whenever a client pays me, I always say, “Thank you.” Saying ‘thank you’ doesn’t cost anything. It is a good financial impression of you is saying ‘thank you’.


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