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How to Write a Resume for a Virtual Assistant

To address the demands of a changing workforce, the need for virtual assistants continues to rise. If you want to work as a virtual assistant, knowing how to write an exceptional Resume may encourage hiring managers to bring you in for an interview. Understanding how to write an amazing Resume may encourage hiring managers to call you for an interview if you want to work as a virtual assistant. A well-written resume might also help you advance in your virtual administrative assistant career. In this article, we will define virtual assistants, go through how to write a virtual assistant resume, and provide a template and example to use as a guide.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is simply a personal assistant who works from a remote location. Entrepreneurs and online companies in need of support but unwilling to invest in office space for employees are particularly in demand for virtual assistants. Virtual assistants commonly assist people by managing calendars, scheduling meetings, conducting research, organizing travels, and performing other administrative tasks. A virtual assistant for a film director, for example, may make travel arrangements for the director's next shoot or organize the director's next holiday schedule. Because they work from home, virtual assistants frequently have flexible schedules.

Virtual Assistant Skills & Competencies

Many of the skills required to be a virtual assistant are also necessary to be an administrative assistant or secretary.

• Multitasking: Virtual Assistants must be able to transition from one activity to another as individual customers make new demands.

• Superior organizational skills: Virtual Assistants must be organized in order to keep track of tasks for many customers.

• Computer literate: The finest virtual assistants have a broad variety of computer abilities and are skilled in the most widely used software applications.

• Communication skills: Because VAs operate remotely, they must be able to communicate effectively via email and phone.

What is a virtual assistant resume?

A virtual assistant resume is a resume that is particularly designed to demonstrate the skills, talents, and experience required to get a position as a virtual assistant. Employers frequently want people with administrative skills, such as typing, communication, and organizing abilities. They may also look for people who have comparable experience in a similar role, such as an assistant or customer service representative. Including pertinent information in your virtual assistant Resume will help you obtain more job offers with that title.

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How to write a virtual assistant resume?

Here are some steps you may take to attain your specific goals:

1. Provide your contact details

At the top of your resume, provide your name, phone number, and email address. This contact information is commonly used by potential employers to initiate contact with candidates, so it must be legible and up to date. Professional emails are often brief, containing simply your initial and last name.

2. Include a summary of objectives

A summary or aim is the next part to add to your resume. Consider writing a synopsis if you have substantially similar job experience. This allows you to explain how past jobs prepared you for a career as a virtual assistant.

If you are applying with minimal experience or prefer to highlight your objectives, skills, talents, and achievements rather than your experience, you can create an objective. Resumes for virtual assistants might include summaries or aims that demonstrate your organizational, communication, and administrative abilities.

3. List your relevant work experience

Following a summary or objective, you can include all of your relevant job experience, beginning with the most recent. You can provide extensive job descriptions that explain activities you accomplished in past work experience when listing former positions. For example, if you're writing a resume for a virtual assistant role, you may include management, customer service, and administrative activities.

4. Explain your educational background

Your educational background section provides a list of relevant coursework and your most recently finished degree. Employers frequently demand virtual assistants to have completed high school and educational background that includes courses in writing and research. If you have an undergraduate degree, you may add information about the university you attended and the sort of degree you received.

5. Describe your relevant talents

The next part contains a bulleted list of all your relevant abilities. Skill sets for virtual assistant roles include typing, Microsoft Word, and trip planning. Soft skills like communication, cooperation, and professionalism might also be included. These abilities can either be directly related to becoming a virtual assistant or demonstrate your general administrative capabilities.

6. Include accomplishments and awards

The last portion of a resume is the achievement and awards section, which is where you may mention previous recognitions you've won. An aspiring virtual assistant, for example, may add a typing proficiency award or an employee of the month honor on their resume. Consider including honors or achievements that help represent your work ethic, professionalism, dedication, and relevant skill sets to best attract potential employers.

Template and Sample Resume for a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant Resume - template


Here is a sample template of a virtual assistant resume.

Sample Virtual Assistant Resume Design


Here is an example of a professional virtual assistant resume design.


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