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I'm Paul - a Filipino 'human' virtual assistant, author & VA coach. I love to share tips & ideas on this blog to help people learn what I do.

Before we get started, here is my bestselling book that speaks about the very basic knowledge you need to know about virtual assisting.

This Book

a self-help material

This Book

basic and simple

This Book

for beginners and wanna-be VAs

Notes from a VA

The Ultimate Guide to a Successful Virtual Assistant Career

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Despite my busy schedule working with clients, I ensure to write original and well-researched content to share on this blog. It will benefit those who wants to become a virtual assistant. But wait... Before you click on and read that article on this blog, have you ever asked yourself "Am I Ready to Become a Full-Time Virtual Assistant?" It is risky to quit your job and start a new career that you have no idea about. So, I've written a checklist for you to evaluate yourself if you're truly ready. Sign up on my Newsletter to get a FREE COPY of this quick assessment. When you sign up, you'll also get a FREE sample page of my book for FREE.

The long wait is over! Here is my latest book that speaks about the in-depth knowledge you must know for you to become a successful virtual assistant.

a self-help book
thorough and straightforward
for beginners and wanna-be VAs