Reasons Why You Should Be a Virtual Assistant

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• Gain Independence to Achieve FREEDOM

• Attain Absolute Flexibility

• Away from the Office Norms

• Low Costs of Investment

• Flexible Earnings

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Gain Independence to Achieve FREEDOM

According to Cambridge dictionary independence (a noun) is “the state of wanting or being able to do things for yourself and make your own decisions, without help or influence from other people”. It is also “the ability to live your life without being helped or influenced by other people.”

In other words, independence is having the freedom to make decisions and do things by yourself and in your own terms. Examples are self-employed individuals like sole-proprietor, freelancer or virtual assistant. A sole-proprietor has the freedom on how to run his business in his own terms by making his own decisions and do things the way he want it to be. Famous successful sole-proprietors are Pierre Omidyar of eBay, Paul Orfelea of Kinkos, Ann Withey of Smartfood popcorn, and a lot more. Freelancer and virtual assistant are somehow similar to a sole-proprietor in terms of having that independence.

As stated on the article What Virtual Assistant is? a virtual assistant is “an independent contractor and not an employee.” A virtual assistant has the freedom to decide to do things in his own terms. An employee is being governed by office rules and decisions inforced by the employer or company. Certainly, there is not much freedom to do things in your own terms while being an employee.

Once you have that independence as a virtual assistant and achieved the freedom you are yearning for, you will also gain some other valuable advantages, which I will mention below.

Attain Absolute Flexibility

According to Cambridge dictionary flexible (an adjective) is “a flexible person who can work in different ways(how), at different times(when), or in different places(where) when it is necessary.”

A virtual assistant is a flexible individual who is able to work almost anywhere using a computer (laptop) and Internet(wi-fi) at any given time. He is able to complete a task assigned by a client at his own pace anywhere while meeting the needs of his client. Because of this absolute flexibility, he is able to attain “balance” between work and personal life.

An employee may be able to attain flexibility but not absolute. Normally, an employee follows a fixed working schedule usually it is an 8-hour day-shift job. Some company do implement flextime or reduced hours but without certainty.

I used to work an 8-hour day shift-job for many years. I like what I’m earning but I’m not comfortable with the schedule. There are certain things I like to do while working, which I can’t do as an employee. I envy my friend who is a solopreneur. He travels, earn more, and work at his own pace and time managing his small business. He is enjoying life! Because of this, I researched online about freelancing and virtual assisting. To cut the story short, I quit my day-shift job and became a successful virtual assistant. Now, I found absolute flexibility to balance work and my personal life.

Away from the Office Norms

Waking up early, commuting or driving on a busy street, office politics, gossiping, blaming, coworkers bad habits, annoying boss, always agreeing on your boss, overtime, after hours work at home, at work during holidays, limited sick leaves or vacation, need to look and dress up neatly, the rat race, and more. These are some of bad habits you will encounter from day to day if you are an employee at a workplace.

But if you are a virtual assistant all of these bad office norms will be gone. You don’t need to wake up early hurrying up so that you won’t be late at work since your schedule will be flexible. Commuting or additional gas expenses will be reduced since you will work at home. You don’t need to please a lot of people only your clients online. You will never ever encounter office politics, rat race, gossips, blames, etc. Depending on your agreement with your clients, you can work at your own pace in time so you’ll enjoy your vacations and leaves. You don’t need additional expenses for food at lunch or snacks. You don’t need additional expenses for grooming or clothing plus accessories. You can actually work at home wearing only a tshirt and pants or pajama.

Low Costs of Investment

An office employee has too many expenses compare to a virtual assistant. An employee need to budget his monthly salary on the following additional expenses aside from his personal expenses(family, loans or mortgages): bus or taxi(if you commute), gas(if you have a car), food(snacks and lunch), investing on self-grooming, clothing and accessories.

Believe me, I have been an employee for many years. If you’re just an ordinary employee, your budget will never be enough especially if the company don’t give you allowances for these additional expenses.

A virtual assistant has low cost of investment. Why? A virtual assistant do not need additional expenses in order to go to work, food or self-grooming. You only need to invest more on your time by continuously learning new skills and ideas and helping clients. You will only need a workable computer like a laptop or desktop plus accessories, internet, workstation(can be your room) with desk, and some gadgets like a mobile phone and iPad.

Flexible Earnings

Yes, earning potential as a virtual assistant is flexible and limitless. If you developed the proper skills needed for virtual assisting then you will be able to negotiate your service rate with your clients. Since you will be selling your skills, you will have many options to gain more clients, choose the right clients, and earn more.

Honestly, you will never earn big when you’re just starting out as a virtual assistant. I’ve been through this before but believe me as you progress in time you will earn more than what you have been earning as an employee.


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