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Reasons Why You Should Recruit Virtual Assistants from Philippines

Meet Your Ideal Virtual Assistant in the Philippines

Virtual Assistant renders numerous services and offers assistance to businesses. Virtual Assistant could work from home or from remote places. The Philippines is the home of ideal virtual assistants. Discover what makes them perfect in the field of virtual assisting.

Reasons Why Filipinos Are Effective Virtual Assistants

1. Filipinos have positive personality, good work ethics and character traits. Filipinos possess appropriate personality and commendable attitude at work. They are versatile and flexible which allow them to work effectively with other people; thus, they could fit in different working environments and different situations. Positive mindset is their weapon against problems and they use it to find solutions. Filipinos do not give up easily and they work professionally, they have respect towards their bosses and could get along really well with their co-workers.

2. Filipinos are skillful and proficient. Philippines has 96% literacy rate that proves Filipinos’ efficiency. Filipinos are technically inclined and technologically literate, reason why the country has the 12th highest population of mobile phone users. Nowadays, most people in the Philippines are looking for jobs in line with technology and other kinds of white-collar jobs rather than blue-collar jobs which makes them ideal virtual assistants. Their interest towards the job will make them even more productive as virtual assistants.

3. Filipinos have prominent English proficiency. English is considered as second language in the Philippines. English serves as the main language they use in teaching and the medium of communication in the Philippines; hence, most Filipinos are fluent in English. In 2008, 76% of their population could comprehend English. Filipinos have the English reading and writing skills that they could use when accomplishing their tasks such as writing scripts, writing blogs, researching, responding on social media or reviews, and etc.

4. Filipinos respect your culture and they have great cultural adaptability. Being respectful is one of the best characters of Filipinos. Filipinos respect individual differences and it is easy for them to understand one’s culture.

5. Philippines has lower wage labor. There is a significant difference between the average annual income in United States and the average annual income in Philippines as shown below:

Average Annual Income in United States: $59,160

Average Annual Income in Philippines: $3,660

Here are some ways to find the Perfect Virtual Assistant for You:

1. You can find an efficient Virtual Assistant on UpWork. Many tech-savvy people work on UpWork which makes UpWork an outstanding reference. Most people you could find on UpWork are professional editors, copywriters, and etc. They have more than enough computer skills, not just the basic.

2. Try exploring facebook groups. Many Filipinos use facebook. In fact, Filipinos are really active on facebook and they often join Facebook Groups for business purposes and for jobs. Posting on Facebook Groups is the fastest way to attract possible employees. Plus, you could have hundreds and even thousands of viewers on facebook along with responses.

3. Business Process Outsourcing Companies have employees that could pass your criteria for ideal Virtual Assistant. Employees working for BPOs are skilled and they certainly have promising resume because of their work experiences. Certainly, they are already used to management and office works which make them qualified for the job as virtual assistant. Employees working on BPOs could also communicate effectively with other nationalities and most of them have amazing oral skills. They also use English as their main medium of communication. Not to mention, they are also persuasive.


Based on Freelancing.ph’s, 47% of freelancers were from Manila in 2016. It is convenient to hire virtual assistants in Manila because it is the country’s capital. You can find everything you will need in the city as employer because of many establishments, nearby airport, buildings you could rent, and restaurants present in Manila, as well as skilled people that could pass your criteria for an ideal Virtual Assistant. You could also consider recruiting from Cebu and Davao City. Cebu and Davao are some of the country’s well-established cities with reliable internet connections.


Your Prospect Virtual Assistant Should Be Aware and Should Know How to Handle the Following:

1. Email Marketing

2. Pay-per-Click

3. Search Engine Optimization

4. Influencer Outreach

5. Customer Support

6. Social Media Management

Benefits a Virtual Assistant Should have are as follows:

1. Comfortable working environment/space

2. 13th-month pay

3. Double pay when working on holidays

4. Social Security System


1. Evaluate the Applications. Assessing applications will give you the chance to see if the applications you received are enough and if the applicants have the skills you are looking for. Therefore, by evaluating applications, you will know if there is a need to post another job listing.

2. Remove the applicants who did not follow the instructions you gave and those applicants who did not comply a neat and presentable applications (resume, application letter, etc.). You will know if an applicant is attentive, diligent and detail-oriented if he/she follows instructions. Being detail-oriented is an important trait or characteristic of a virtual assistant; therefore, you should look for those applicants who show the mentioned trait. People with neat and organized works should be your priority; thus, you should filter the applications you received by simply removing applicants who did not follow your instructions and those applicants who failed to submit presentable papers.

3. Remove the applicants who do not have the required skills or the skills you are looking for as well as applicants with insufficient English writing skills. Great English writing skills is needed for the job as virtual assistant. As we all know, English is a Universal Language and that makes it significant.

4. Choose the top 10 applicants. Ranking them will help you determine the most efficient among all the applicants and it will be easier for you to decide which one to hire.

5. Ready the screening test and schedule an interview for your top pick applicants. Once you are done with the ranking, it is time to test their ability and proficiency by doing an interview.


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