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Recognizing and Appreciating Remote Workers for a Better Outcome

It is important to feel visible and to feel valued by your team or organization. Employees who earn credits work more efficiently than those who feel unrecognized but that does not mean an employee should compete with his/her co-worker just to get recognition.

It is significant for a team to flourish as one despite their efforts individually. Remember that in a team, people have individual tasks as well. According to some researches, remote team members who feel like they are invisible are less motivated, cooperative, and encouraging.

Remote teams are experiencing problems regarding the ‘visibility’ of their remote team members. Despite the concern of many remote workers about visibility, they are still refusing to talk about that matter.

Here are some of the reasons why remote workers are shy and afraid to talk about their ‘visibility’ problems:

1. Awkwardness. For people, it is awkward to confess that they want attention, to be recognized, and to be noticed.

2. Some of the remote workers rarely have facetime. Remote Workers are having their meeting online via digital conferencing platforms but some managers are not scheduling facetime often. The team members of a remote team that lacks facetime rarely get the recognition or compliments they need to be more motivated from their bosses. Also, they cannot find the right time to talk to their bosses about their concerns because they rarely have facetime with them.

3. Proximity. Due to the distance between the boss/managers and remote members, they lack perceived proximity. Perceived proximity is the cognitive and emotional connection of the remote members to their bosses/managers. Remote members and managers only talk via digital conferencing platforms as professionals; thus, remote members are still not comfortable talking about their problems with their bosses.

If your remote team members feel invisible, it could cause conflict overtime – that is why you should do something to make them feel appreciated. Here are some ways to make them feel visible by Trello:

1. You should reach out regularly. You should socialize a bit with your remote team members. Try to build friendship beyond office hours. Spend a little time on asking them about their mental, emotional, and physical state. Having a little chitchat with your member is fine as long as you know how to manage it and you should know when to stop. Too much talk will distract them and it might ruin plans. Remember that staying in touch with your member could establish cognitive and emotional connection (Perceived Proximity). Perceived Proximity is important for it is the key to the success of your team.

2. Set a schedule. Setting a schedule for social activities with your team is a must, See to it that you will not affect office hours and it will not lessen the productivity of your team. Choose a time when everyone is available. Do not set an activity when the team has a lot of tasks to accomplish. You could conduct an activity during your day-off, but make sure the duration will not be too long because your team members also need quality time with their families. It is also wise to let your team members decide on the schedule of your social activities. You would not want them to think that you are forcing them, right? That is why you should give them the chance to decide about the schedule.

3. Managers should show to their remote team members that it is okay for them to socialize a bit during working hours. Letting your remote team members socialize a bit could lessen their stress and pressure they feel from work. Having a bond between your colleagues will make them comfortable with you and with their co-workers. Employees could work faster and easier when they are comfortable with the environment and co-workers. The emotional and cognitive connection will make your team stronger and more successful.

4. Give the credit your remote team members deserve. Giving your remote team members the credit they deserve will make them happier and more motivated. By giving them proper credit, you are already motivating them to keep up their good work. You will also boost their confidence by just saying ‘nice work’. Learn to show your satisfaction whenever you are satisfied with the work of your remote team members. Seeing your face impressed with their works will make them feel contented with themselves. It will lessen their insecurities. A remote worker with less insecurities perform much better. Proper credit and recognition will make you fair as well. No one wants a boss that is bias. If you know how to give everyone the recognition they deserve, your employees will respect you.

5. Learn to respond to team interactions. If your team members are having small interaction in your group chat beyond office hours, you should also join their conversation if you are not busy. Your message does not have to be long and wordy as well. As their boss, your team members will appreciate even just the emoji you are sending them when they are having fun in the group chat. By doing simple things, it is important to show your support and regards. This will make them realize that you are approachable and that they could tell you about their concerns in the office or regarding work.

6. Never leave an effort unacknowledged. As a boss, your compliment will make your team members feel great. Believe it or not, that is the effect of your words to them. If you say the magic words like ‘Nice work’, ‘great job’, ‘impressive’, you will make your remote team member proud of themselves. Your team members should be acknowledged for exerting a lot of effort. No task is an easy task. All assignments or tasks need some effort from the doer - that is why you should learn to commend your people every time they are exerting an effort. If you will fail to acknowledge efforts, your team members might see you as someone that is hard to please.


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