Virtual Assistant Must Have Skills

Virtual Assistant Must Have Skills

Most individuals are unaware that there are certain qualities that potential employers look for when employing virtual assistants. These skills are essential for any Virtual Assistant who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Many people are turning to digital-based employment like that of a virtual assistant as work-from-home prospects grow. Virtual assistants are important members of the workforce, assisting business owners, managers, and other professionals with a variety of time-consuming activities. We'll go through the top skills of a virtual assistant and why they're crucial in this article.

It takes a long time to become a virtual assistant. Even those who have completed higher education do not automatically acquire the skills required for various virtual assistant tasks. But the good news is that as long as you have the will to become one, you can learn the essential skills and acquire the necessary knowledge. Let's look at some of the skills that are required to do various virtual assistant responsibilities.

Top Virtual Assistant Skills

A virtual assistant's key abilities are as follows:

1. Good Communication

Many business owners want someone who is both polite and professional, and who they can rely on to answer when they need it. Answering phone calls, emails, and other communications promptly and courteously is a simple and effective approach to demonstrate to your potential client that you are a good fit for the position. While you might wish to greet the caller with a "Hey, girl, hey!" It's important to maintain a professional demeanor and your tone should reflect your commitment to assisting your client.

2. Quick Thinking and Effective Decision Making

The capacity to think quickly and make the best decisions is crucial, especially when the client leaves a virtual assistant work and will not be around to answer questions or provide clarifications. Rather than waiting for the client to respond, research and dig up from accessible resources for alternative answers. A virtual assistant must sometimes have the intuition to know what would be a good intervention for whatever situation arises, as well as the ability to analyze information rapidly and act on it.

3. Creativity

When it comes to creative content, business owners with limited time sometimes struggle. Some virtual assistants may be able to aid with conceptualizing and the creation of new projects, depending on their background and understanding of a specific sector. That's why many digital marketing companies are looking for virtual assistants who are familiar with ad production, social media branding, content writing, lead generation, and email automation. Knowledge of these topics not only strengthens your skill set, but it also helps your CV stand out from the crowd.

4. Writing Skills

In a virtual assistant world, fax and email are regularly used ways of communication. Sending reports, managing emails, and delivering presentations are examples of virtual assistant responsibilities that require these skills. Whether working for a virtual assistant firm or running your own virtual assistant business, you must be able to communicate effectively with your clients both verbally and in writing. If you believe your writing skills are slow, enrolling in an online course would be an excellent way to progressively improve.

5. Batching

Batching is a crucial technical skill that successful virtual assistants employ. Rather than multitasking between different customer needs, they perform as many related tasks as they can. One sort of batching that frees up time in between other chores is email handling. Virtual assistants set out time throughout the day to handle email correspondence, rather than watching and responding to customers' emails as they arrive. They may, for example, only answer to emails at 8 a.m. as well as 3 p.m. You can increase your productivity and focus by lowering the amount of time you spend switching between projects.

6. Attention to Detail

Virtual assistants must be meticulous in their work, identifying any errors before they are made public. This is relevant to internet communication and other forms of writing, like as instant messaging, because typos can harm a business's professional image. Virtual assistants must take precautions to guarantee that they understand and follow the client's instructions when working for them.

8 Hard Skills that Companies and Employers Look for In Virtual Assistants

To make yourself a desirable candidate to a potential employer, you will obviously require a set of hard talents. To be considered for the position, you must possess the necessary skills. However, many virtual assistant professions require a broad skill set that can handle multiple tasks at once. These are the hard skills you should look at if you want to build a solid skill set that no employer will overlook:

1. Planning and Scheduling Skills

After becoming overwhelmed with the burden of arranging their daily activities, meetings, and duties, many people hire virtual assistants. That is why being excellent at scheduling and planning is always helpful. You should be able to plan a day in such a way that it runs well and tasks do not overlap. This involves knowing what your employer's immediate tasks will be in the next days so you can easily express what their days will entail.

2. Computer Skills

Although this should be self-evident, many people still apply for VA employment without having a fundamental understanding of computers. The importance of knowing how to conduct simple tasks cannot be overstated. It's not so much that knowing how to use your computer would impress your employer as it is that not knowing how to use it will certainly attract his or her attention - and not in a positive way.

3. Ability to multitask

Multitasking is a valuable skill in almost any business, including the VA field. However, there is a significant difference between multitasking and multitasking properly. The former can result in inefficient job completion and work falling through the cracks, whereas the latter can result in the rapid completion of numerous tasks at once. You should strive for the latter as a VA.

4. English Proficiency

The mastery of the English language is maybe the most important of all skills for a VA. Employers want VAs that are simple to communicate with and can create grammatically acceptable work, which implies you should be able to communicate in English fairly well. If you're having trouble with this, there are numerous online tools aimed at helping second-language speakers improve their English.

5. Familiarity with Social-media

Unless a company has an in-house social media manager, a virtual assistant will most likely be in charge of uploading material, replying to comments, and keeping track of social media data. Knowing how to use the major social networking networks will save you time learning new things, and it will also impress your employer.

6. Proficiency in a variety of project management tools

Teaching every VA about the tools their company employs can be time-consuming, so being knowledgeable with the most popular products on the market is a big plus. Knowing how to use popular project management software such as Trello, Basecamp, and ActiveCollab, in particular, can help you advance your career.

7. Basic Research Skills

We don't mean the kind of research that comes with reading over books in the library when we say "basic research," but rather the type of internet research that all VAs should be able to undertake. That implies you should be able to conduct simple online research and assemble that information into a clear written synthesis should problems arise or if your employer has a question about a topic.

8. Basic Accounting Skills

While this isn't a requirement for every VA, it is a valuable talent that many employers would value. Basic accounting skills such as journalizing, posting, adjusting, and reporting can all be learned quite quickly without a degree in accounting. It's a terrific skill to master because it demonstrates that you have a diverse set of real-world abilities that employers value.

6 Soft Skills That Companies and Employers also Look for In Virtual Assistants

Hard skills aren't always enough to gain an employer's favor and stay a job. They are frequently seeking for specific soft skills in the personality of a VA. While you can't learn a soft skill the same way you can master a hard skill, you can cultivate them to help you as a VA.

1. Resourcefulness

Your employer may or may not be able to assist you with problems that arise at work. To avoid being overly reliant on others, you should learn to be resourceful and come up with your own answers. If you come into a software or management problem, for example, you should check online first because there is a wealth of knowledge available.

2. Responsiveness and reliability

When you look at the most common complaints employers have regarding virtual assistants, you'll see that the majority of them are concerned about how many virtual assistants can disappear without warning or take a long time to respond to important messages. That's why in the industry, VAs that are responsive to their employers and dependable in that they constantly show up for work are highly valued.

3. Honesty

While it may appear like lying to your employer as a VA is relatively simple, you should be aware that a) nothing can be kept secret for very long; and b) lying to your employer will create a poor relationship that will follow you for the duration of your time with them. Whether it's a minor or major issue, it's best to avoid lying and simply tell the truth, as your employer will respect it and, as a result, trust you more.

4. Kindness and Politeness

Although the majority of the abilities on this list are aimed at boosting work performance, it is important to remember that work is also a community of individuals working toward a common objective. That means businesses still look for compassion and a laid-back attitude in their virtual assistants.

5. Open-mindedness

The joy of working as a virtual assistant is that you never know what chores will be assigned to you on any given day. To be successful as a virtual assistant, you should be open to new challenges and duties and see them as fresh opportunities to learn and establish yourself as a capable employee.

6. Confidence in taking in or placing calls

Your client may occasionally request that you make phone calls. Make certain you are comfortable conversing with others. Remember, you're representing your client's company, so speak boldly to give them the idea that you know what you're talking about. If you don't know the answer to their query, ask if you can place the call on hold while you seek help from your client. If your client is unavailable, request their most convenient time to find out the answer and then call them back with an appropriate response.

Three Categories of In-Demand Virtual Assistant Skills

1. Administrative Skills

• Customer Management

• Email Management

• Task management or project management

• Calendar management

• Online research

• Data entry

2. Creative Skills

• Creative writing for email automation, lead generation, social media and blogs.

• Graphic design or branding for social media and websites

3. Technical skills

• Webinar set-up

• Social media page optimization


• Website development or set-up

• Systems set up and integrations

• Technical assistance and troubleshooting

As an online virtual assistant, you can work on a variety of skills. While this list isn't exhaustive, it will undoubtedly help you become a better and more efficient worker. If you're still seeking for work, this article can help you enhance your resume and increase your chances of getting employed.


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