Virtual Assistant Startup Kit: What You Must Know Introduction

Virtual Assistant Startup Kit

Tired of a stressful 8-hour work? Planning to quit your current job and looking for some options? Perhaps you want to find some ways to earn extra to stretch your budget in order to pay bills? Then this book is the one you need.

Notes from a VA: The Ultimate Guide to a Successful Virtual Assistant Career Tips & Advice

Notes from a VA

Working from home as a virtual assistant is a promising career unlikely any other. If done right, it will give you the lifestyle you truly deserve. This will also help you achieve your dreams and goals in life a little bit faster.

Am I Ready to Become a Virtual Assistant? Checklist

Am I Ready to Become a VA?

This is the moment I have been waiting for. It is time to quit my job. I am ready to become a full-time virtual assistant. I am ready to give up my last projects and tell my boss, “You’re fired!” I mean, “I quit!” But wait... Are you sure about that? Like wholeheartedly ready, honestly sure?

We just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that Paul did a really good job. Our digital marketing was messy now it is organized. It’s really great how good he is in digital marketing and designs. Thanks, Paul!

Judy Boyd & Karlie Thoma

Ohana in Paradise

Am I Ready to Become a Virtual Assistant book by Paul is one of the best self-help books I've read. It has enlighted my thoughts either I go for it or not, work from home. I was afraid of giving up my day job, but I want to work from home. They say online work is much better.

Jane Lopez

Wanna-be Virtual Assistant

Paul is very responsive and truly tries to understand our needs, so he can perform accordingly. His attention to detail is great. This is critical to our success.

Traci Ruble

Sidewalk Talk Org

I'm a fresh graduate looking for job opportunities. I came across Paul's book "Virtual Assistant Startup Kit" on Amazon so I bought it. Through this book, I've learned the basics on virtual assisting. It's a great career opportunity.

Mark Fernandez

Fresh Graduate

Great creative thinking for the best solution. Paul is by far the most professional and knowledgeable virtual assistant I worked with. I will hire him again.

Kevin Donaldson

Real Wealth Solutions Inc

Paul technical knowledge and branding experience came together and resulted in a site that is not only catching and interesting, but also one that is user-friendly.

Martin Wong


Thanks Sir Paul for coaching/teaching me the basics on virtual assisting. Thanks for your guidance and advice. Now, I have a clients and working from home. I love this job!

Donna Summers

Newbie Virtual Assistant

As always Paul did an excellent job in just few hours. Great communication and fast execution. Thanks for great work :)

Dr Rebecca Spelman

The Private Therapy Clinic