STEP 1 :

Watch out for our job openings

Find the role you’re interested in. Follow the application process as indicated in the job post.

STEP 2 :

Go through screening

This step encompasses attending an initial interview and taking a skills test.

STEP 3 :

Attend the client interview

Upon passing the screening stage, you’ll be invited to attend the client interview.

STEP 4 :

Accept the job offer

Sign the job offer and your contract and we will arrange your start date.

DSL Internet

Fast and reliable wired DSL internet connection not slower than 5mbps.

Home Office

A quiet and private home office free from distraction.

Updated Computer

Has at least 4GB RAM and can run Win7 or later (or its macOS equivalent).


A quality headset with its own microphone; a webcam.

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Jane Watson

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Mark Chua