Lead Generation Assistant

Job Title: Lead Generator with Data Entry & Email Marketing Skills

Availability: Part Time

Experience: Beginner to Intermediate

Job Purpose:

Seeking and engaging with leads for a business/company’s lead generation campaigns, seeking out new lead avenues and ways of connecting with these leads hence working closely with lead generation manager.

Job Duties:

1. Seek leads from various channels, including social media, online browsers, apps, and other relevant platforms.

2. Create list of leads from these channels into Word document or Excel sheet.

3. Engages with these leads by writing and sending emails or call.

4. Follow up with potential leads through emails or call.

5. Assists lead generation management.

6. Works as part of a team to develop large lead generation campaigns.

7. Proposes new concepts and ideas for lead generation campaigns.

8. Works with lead generation and marketing team members to coordinate campaigns with lead generation strategy.

Lead Generation Skills and Qualifications:

Marketing or Lead Generation Marketing Degree Preferred, Data Entry, Networking, Email Marketing, Phone Etiquette, Technology Skills, Enthusiasm, Detail-Oriented, Collaboration, Campaign Execution, Teamwork, Self-Motivation, Strong Communication Skills, Strong Customer-Service Skills

How to Apply:

Send your resume at paulhafalla@outlook.com with subject line Social Media Assistant Applicant on your email.