KnocKnocK Technologies Asia Pte Ltd

Headquartered in Singapore, KnocKnocK App is an one stop Home Services App for 3MM Upper Mid Class Families in South East Asia. We’re the smart way to take care of weekly errands without actually doing them yourself. Your Woodpeckers (KnocKnocK’s employee) are organised, knowledgeable, intuitive people who handle all of life’s necessities: from dry cleaning and housecleaning, to changing flowers and groceries. KnocKnocK is an automatic, hands-off service that hums along quietly in the background of your life – so you can be free to live yours.



Lobby B Ubi Techpark, 04-25, SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE 408564, SG


6719 2357



Drycleaning & Laundry, Consumer lifestyles, Mobile applications, On Demand Services, Online Florist, and air condion


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