Four Things Every Virtual Assistant Need

Did you just ditch your boss and started a new career as a remote worker? Or, are you a full-time virtual assistant doing various tasks from your loyal clients now? Perhaps you haven’t decided yet, either to go for it or forget about it and look for other options. I suggest, subscribe to my newsletter and read the FREE checklist that will help you decide about it.

Either you're just starting, a part-timer, or a full-fledged virtual assistant, you're already on your own.

Your job description will be Virtual Assistant "slash" CEO (Chief of Everything) and other side slashes at home.

There will be no HR department that will handle your legal documents for you. There will be no savvy accountants to do the math and payroll. And there will be no cute IT guy that will troubleshoot every bit of error on your computer.

So, how will you survive this crisis?

You need to be prepared.

I ensure you; you will make it!

Just like you, I've been there where you at now. I started my VA career from the ground up. I struggled and almost give up. But I didn't give up. Eventually, I survived. I met the right people and clients. I made it. And I'm grateful, I succeeded.

To be honest, I tripled my income in terms of the Philippines Peso compare to a regular office employee. With this big buck in my pocket, I started to invest it on things that matter the most in life such as insurance, real estate, savings account, and travels. Because of this, I have travelled around South East Asia. I became a backpacker “slash” virtual assistant slash CEO (Chief of Everything). See my Instagram posts or google me to view some of my travel photos.

I am the living proof that you can make a living doing online jobs as a virtual assistant at the comfort of your own home.

Well, it's not that easy. It's hard work!

So, you need to be prepared. Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail!”. It’s true if you don’t set goals or plans, you will never succeed.

Right now, what do you need the most in your virtual assistant career? The answer, "tons of stuff."

You're right! You need those to make it.

Either you’re just starting out or already a full-time VA, you will need a lot of documents, training modules, resources, and tools.

It's intimidating, isn't it? That's a lot!

Don't worry! I got you covered.

I will prepare them all just for you. All these things you need will be a few clicks away.

As of now, I have prepared a form which is a Contract Agreement to help you seal the deal between you and the client and if you plan to outsource some of your tasks to other virtual assistants or freelancers I have created a VA & Subcontractor Agreement. Also, a simple invoice that you can email to your client to remind them about it. I have also prepared a New Client Kit which includes Client's Assessment Form, Client Intake Form, and Client's Information Sheet.

A virtual assistant needs to know how to deal with time and manage it well, so I prepared some productivity sheets such as time management planners to help you manage time efficiently.

Good communication skills between you and your clients are the key to a successful virtual assistant career. So, I prepared some ready-to-use templates which you can send to your prospective clients. These are letters, a cover letter and followup letter. In case you need to burn bridges between you and the client, I also prepared a letter on on how to fire a client.

These are some of the things I’m using at the beginning of my VA career until today that works for me and my clients.

You may get what you only need, but I will offer you all of these as a starter kit. Right now, the value is less than it should be. It’s 50% off for the kit! But this price tag won’t last forever. So, get your copies today.

A little note - after buying the product(s) you need, please email your purchase receipt(s). Mention into your email your name, email address as well as the product(s) you bought at Once I confirmed your purchase, I will email the product(s) to you ASAP.

PS: I’m already preparing other documents, training modules, tools, and resources to help you succeed in your virtual assistant career. So do visit this page, for updates. Besides these 4 things every "newbie" virtual assistant need, I also recommend for you to read my books Virtual Assistant Start-up Kit: What You Must Know that speaks about the very basic knowledge you need to know about virtual assisting. Recently, I have released my "new" books Am I Ready to Become a Virtual Assistant? and Notes from a VA: The Ultimate Guide to a Successful Virtual Assistant Career

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Thank you.

Paul Hafalla
Kimberly Charles

"Paul was the best investment into a virtual assistant we have personally ever made. Paul was professional and polished our email marketing campaigns all the way around. He really gave it 110% assist us, troubleshoot email marketing issues manage our Mailchimp account, and design templates. We would highly recommend Paul to anyone looking to increase their business by leveraging their time. HIRE PAUL!"

Kimberly Charles

Charles Communications Associates

Judy Boyd & Karlie Thoma

We just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that Paul did a really good job. Our digital marketing was messy now it is organized. It’s really great how good he is in digital marketing and designs. Thanks, Paul!

Judy Boyd & Karlie Thoma

Ohana in Paradise

Jane Lopez

Am I Ready to Become a Virtual Assistant book by Paul is one of the best self-help books I've read. It has enlighted my thoughts either I go for it or not, work from home. I was afraid of giving up my day job, but I want to work from home. They say online work is much better.

Jane Lopez

Wanna-be Virtual Assistant

Traci Ruble

Paul is very responsive and truly tries to understand our needs, so he can perform accordingly. His attention to detail is great. This is critical to our success.

Traci Ruble

Sidewalk Talk Org

Mark Fernandez

I'm a fresh graduate looking for job opportunities. I came across Paul's book "Virtual Assistant Startup Kit" on Amazon so I bought it. Through this book, I've learned the basics on virtual assisting. It's a great career opportunity.

Mark Fernandez

Fresh Graduate

Kevin Donaldson

Great creative thinking for the best solution. Paul is by far the most professional and knowledgeable virtual assistant I worked with. I will hire him again.

Kevin Donaldson

Real Wealth Solutions Inc

Ernesto Rodrigues

Paul is very professional. I like what he does. I believe in him because he is passionate about what he does. Thank you for your services brother. I hope to do business soon and we will grow together.

Ernesto Rodrigues

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Martin Wong

Paul technical knowledge and branding experience came together and resulted in a site that is not only catching and interesting, but also one that is user-friendly.

Martin Wong


Donna Summers

Thanks Sir Paul for coaching/teaching me the basics on virtual assisting. Thanks for your guidance and advice. Now, I have a clients and working from home. I love this job!

Donna Summers

Newbie Virtual Assistant

Dr Rebecca Spelman

As always Paul did an excellent job in just few hours. Great communication and fast execution. Thanks for great work :)

Dr Rebecca Spelman

The Private Therapy Clinic