How To Receive Money from Your Client Through Western Union?

Hi guys! I'm Paul, a virtual assistant from the Philippines.

So, our topic for today is, "How do you receive payment from Western Union?"

A few months ago, from Asma Saidoune, she requested how do I get payment from Western Union from my clients in my services as a virtual assistant?

So, what I'm going to show you today is how am I receiving payment through Western Union.

There are 3 possible ways to receive payments from Western Union.

By the way guys, Western Union is one of the best 3rd party online service providers to receive amount around the globe. Like for example, receive money for your services, i.e, virtual assistance and freelancing. Or, if someone sends you money through an online transfer. And also, they can process it through bank account transfer.

So, what I'm going to show you today is how am I receiving money. The best way I'm doing is that I go to the nearest Western Union outlet, a shop, or a boutique in the mall.

So, the client will send me something like this. This one. I'm going to show you on my computer, but it's a bit blurry. There is an MTCN code that you will receive, like this, from your client.

He/She will send you this, so you can receive the code. And then, what you're going to do is go to the nearest Western Union outlet and present this receipt that you have received from your client.

So, what you will need if it's your first time to do this, to receive money from the Western Union outlet. You need to bring your ID. And then also, you need to provide the client's name, the company name, or the sender. The only way, the easiest way how is to present this receipt to the person in charge there. So, automatically, they're gonna give me the money.

There is a Forex exchange. Depending on how much or how high or how low is the Forex exchange today. You'll gonna receive the amount the client has send you.

Also, there is a service fee. Because these are merchants - Western Union and PayPal.

They're gonna charge you a little amount of money.

I think Western Union, they're gonna charge your client from abroad, the sender. They're gonna charge him/her a little amount of money for services and they're gonna transfer the money.

And also, I think there is a charge. I'm gonna show you a sample receipt here that I've been receiving from one of my clients.

So guys, right now, I'm gonna show you a sample receipt that you will receive from Western Union once you receive the money.

Here it is.

This is it.

So, I will put on this video a picture of this receipt so you will have an idea of what kind of receipt once you received money from Western Union provided by one of your clients.

So, what's inside this receipt is the receiver, your name. You're the one who is receiving the money. Then, the name of the sender. It's either your boss, your client, or the company sending you the money. The next one is your address, written here also. And the ID that you have provided.

You can bring a valid ID like Social Security ID, your passport, or your school ID if you're still studying in a college or senior high.

So, what's written here in this receipt is the MTCN code that you received from your client. It's gonna be written here. That code is very important so that you can receive the money. Without that code, you cannot encash the money. So, you need that code so that you can encash the money. Under the MTCN code on the right side is the date - when you received the money.

And again that's gonna be the agent details. The agent details are the branch or the outlet or the boutique, Western Union boutique where you're receiving the money from. So, here it is, the address is written here.

And also, where is the origin, what country you're receiving the money from. If you have a US client, it's gonna be written here. It's gonna be the US. Or, somewhere in Southeast Asia, it's gonna be Singapore, Malaysia, or anywhere. Any country that you're gonna receives the money from. For example, if the sender is from Malaysia, it's gonna be written here in Malaysia.

The next one would be the amount you're gonna receive.

So, the Western Union outlet has already converted to the currency. Right now, I'm here in the Philippines so it's gonna be peso, the Philippine peso. So, from US dollars it's gonna be converted to Philippine peso.

But, I think it's okay. If you don't want to receive the money in Philippine peso. You can still receive it in US dollars. So, the total amount will be written here.

And also, there is an exchange rate. It is very clear here, how much is the exchange rate right now from US dollars to the Philippine peso is gonna be converted.

And then, there are taxes also on this one. And then, the total amount. The deduction, the tax, they're gonna impose in your receipt. Because it's a business. Western Union is a big company like PayPal.

Compared to PayPal, I think Western Union charges a bit lower than PayPal. That's it, guys. This will be the receipt. So, you'll receive this one. Or, you need to ask them to give you this one once you received the money from Western Union. I'm gonna post it here on this video today, so you have an idea what kind of receipt that you will receive.

Depending on your country, there are various types of receipts that you're gonna receive. So, here in the Philippines, we're receiving like this one. This is the type of receipt that we're receiving from clients.


(blurry voice with background noise)...

So, guys, I'm here inside the mall. I'm going to receive the money from Western Union which the client sends. So there it is. Here it is. So, what you need to present is your ID, your valid ID. Your driver's license, social security ID, or passport. So, you need to go inside and present together with your ID, the MTCN code that the client sends to you. So, here it. This is the outlet. So, I'm going to encash the money.


It is not allowed to shoot a video inside while I'm doing the process.

Okay, guys, I have received the money from Western Union in that one. So, you're gonna receive a receipt once you encash the money.

And of course, the money that the client has sent you. So, right now, I have lots of money, but I'm gonna send it as payment of my bills.

I will put it in an envelope here together with the receipt. That is how are you gonna receive money from Western Union from one of your clients if they asked you to process the payment through Western Union.

There are also other ways on how to receive payments from your clients. It can be through PayPal or bank transfer, wire transfer. So, choose wisely, which is the convenient way for you to receive the money and you have fewer taxes and deductions once they converted the forex, from US dollars to the Philippine peso.

Sometimes some merchants charge a lot especially converting the money or forex - US dollars to Philippine peso. So, choose wisely and recommend it to your clients which is the best one that you can suggest.

But, sometimes, the clients, decide which merchant they prefer. Usually, most of the clients prefer PayPal. But, I suggest, if it's possible you can process it through Western Union instead of PayPal.

So that's it, guys. This is our video for today. From one of the questions from our followers. So, thank you guys for watching my videos and asking questions about it how do you do working from home as a freelancer or virtual assistant.

So, see you in the next video. Don't forget to like, subscribe, and comment. Please share this video. Thank you guys again. I'll see you in our next video.


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