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PaulHafallaCom prides ourselves on curating unique, relevant, and reliable content in regards to the Virtual Assistant world and outsourcing communities.

In order to connect with the VA and Outsourcing communities further, we are open to working with contributors in the form of guest blog posts from content writers or other experts within the VA/Outsourcing industry.

PaulHafallaCom’s subscribers are interested in virtual assistant services, freelancing services, outsourcing, work-from-home jobs, and other relevant tools/resources.

Content must be relevant to our subscribers interests. This could include:

• Services - Virtual Assistance, Freelancing, Outsourcing, Work from Home

• Tools, Apps,and Devices for Virtual Assistants and/or Freelancers

• Delegating and Outsourcing Services

• Skills for virtual assistants and freelancers - Data Entry, Design, Management, Online Marketing, et cetera

• Other related topics

We will only post informative content in our blog page – no promotional content will be accepted. Contributing to PaulHafallaCom is not easy, but it’s worthwhile, because this type of content people will love to read 2-3 years from now. Thank you for understanding.

Still interested in becoming a PaulHafallaCom Contributor? Please see the below guidelines before submitting:

• Content should be informational. Promotional content will not be accepted. This means your submitted content should not promote a particular company or business, nor should it contain any links to competitor’s websites.

• All references must be sited correctly and accurately.

• Write an (search engine optimized) "SEO" article. Please let us know the title, description and keywords.

• Make the article easy to read by using headings/subheadings, bullet points, and numbers lists when possible, and break-up paragraphs that are longer than 5-6 lines in Microsoft Word.

• PaulHafallaCom reserves the right to edit/remove any links. Take note, all links are no-follow link.

• Include a short author biography (2-3 sentences) profile link, and a professional high-resolution photograph (300x300 pixels).

• Include any relevant imagery that are free from copyrights.

• Content must be unique, 100% original content, and exclusive to PaulHafallaCom – no distribution to other sites.

• Minimum 1700 words, extra kudos for articles for 3000+ word articles (the longer the article, the more readers in general you will reach with your post)

• Conclusion - always write a conclusion to your post

Do you fit the above? Then we look forward to hearing from you! Please send your content via info.paulhafalla@gmail.com and we look forward to collaborating with you!

Thank you.